Hemp takes root in Nevada

April 19, 2017
By Brian Bahouth

Reno – Lynn Hettrick is administrator of the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s plant industry division, and earlier in the legislative session he gave a presentation on hemp to the Nevada Senate Judiciary committee.

“On an annual basis, one acre of  hemp will produce as much fiber as two to three acres of cotton,” Hettrick told committee members.  “Hemp fiber is stronger, softer than cotton, lasts twice as long as cotton, and will not mildew.  Cotton grows only in moderate climates and requires more water than hemp.  Hemp is frost tolerant, requires moderate water and can be grown in all 50 states.  Cotton requires large quantities of pesticides and herbicides.  Fifty percent of the world’s pesticides and herbicides are used in the production of cotton worldwide … 50 percent of the world’s pesticides,” Hettrick said with emphasis.