Domestic Battery

Domestic Battery NRS 200.481, 200.485, 33.018

Any time a person is charged with a crime it is a serious issue, but a charge of domestic battery can cause irreparable damage to a person’s future. The crime of domestic battery is like an umbrella that covers a large number of issues and people. In fact a person may commit domestic battery without even realizing it. Due to the in-depth nature of these laws it is important to have a competent attorney to defend your rights. Garrett T. Ogata is experienced in domestic battery cases and we can ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your case.

Nevada Revised Statutes 200.481, 200.485 and 33.018 cover definitions of battery as they relate to domestic relationships. A charge of battery can be filed against a person believed to have willfully and unlawfully used force or violence against another person. A charge of domestic battery can be brought if anyone listed in NRS 33.018 is the alleged victim of the battery.

  • A spouse or former spouse.
  • Any person related by blood or marriage.
  • Any person residing with the alleged perpetrator.
  • Any person the alleged perpetrator is dating or has dated.
  • Any person who has a child with the person accused.
  • Any minor child of the alleged victim.
  • The minor child of the accused.
  • Any person that is the legal guardian or custodian of the child of the accused.

Domestic battery convictions can lead to fines in the thousands of dollars and imprisonment of up to ten years depending on the situation. Domestic violence accusations are very serious charges and thus require an experienced lawyer. The Law Offices of Garrett T. Ogata if fully prepared to take on your case and we will work our hardest to have you cleared of all charges.

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