Post-Conviction Relief

During these troubling economic times, it can be especially devastating to have a criminal record since its presence can hinder your efforts to get a job or a loan. This prompts many individuals to immediately file an appeal after conviction or to seal their record after a dismissal/not guilty or after the statutory permitted time period. Filing an appeal or requesting record sealing is an option to attempt to regain the life you had before the conviction.

Filing an Appeal Or Request to Seal Records


It is not possible to completely erase/expunge a record in Nevada, but an appeal or sealing your record is a possible post-conviction relief. Sealing your record would mean removing your criminal record from the public’s view. See Sealing Criminal Records. Typically a criminal record is considered to be public record, which means anyone who takes the time to search through the government databases could easily come up with your record(s); such as background check companies or even websites that exploit this information by posting it online. However, if you have this record sealed, it will no longer appear within these databases, making it “sealed off” from the general public.

If a Las Vegas court orders the sealing of your record, this would also apply to any other agency that have your record on file, such as the local police department.

It is very important to consider the possibilities of sealing your record or filing a timely appeal for a conviction or writing a post-conviction writ. These courses of action can provide beneficial protections to relieve those convicted of crimes. However, the appeal process is a confusing one, so it helps to hire a trained lawyer who has the experience necessary to get all of the correct information across in the appeal or post-conviction writ.

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