Contrary to what many believe, prostitution is NOT legal in Sin City. However, this does not mean it is an uncommon occupation. In fact, it is not uncommon to run across someone engaging in prostitution in casino bars or nightclubs. Law enforcement is aware of this and targets many of their VICE operations by going undercover in casinos and soliciting sex with people they believe are engaging in prostitution. On the flip side, one may be looking for a prostitute and solicit someone they believe is a prostitute, but actually is an undercover officer.These two scenarios tend to be the most common situations when someone is charged with prostitution or solicitation. Typically, prostitution is treated as a misdemeanor unless there is an aggravating factor, such as soliciting a minor. See Prostitution and Solicitation

Pandering or what is commonly referred to as “pimping,” which typically is related to prostitution, tends to be more severe and is a treated as a felony crime in Nevada.Depending if physical force or violence is involved and/or the age of the prostitute, felony charges will vary.

See Pandering.

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