Prostitution or Solicitation for Prostitution

Contrary to what many mistakenly believe, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas. Brothels are legal though in various counties in Nevada, but not Clark County. So if one solicits another for sex, then they are facing the same charges as actually engaging in sex with a prostitute. Think of solicitation as an offer to engage in prostitution. Typically, and undercover police officer will seek sex in exchange for money by a verbal agreement, and if the other party agrees, then one will be charged with prostitution. No sex need occur, nor exchange of money, it is the offer or agreement which creates the crime.

Once arrested for prostitution or solicitation, one will also have to submit to a blood test to detect HIV. This provides the person with notice and if test are positive and if one is charged again, they will receive harsher penalties.

Penalties for Prostitution or Solicitation of Prostitution vary and include:

  • Prostitution is a misdemeanor unless one solicits a child or has tested positive for HIV and is charged again for prostitution or solicitation
  • Solicitation of a child for prostitution is a category E felony with a minimum 1 year to a maximum 4 years prison sentence and possible fine not more than $5,000
  • If one was charged prior and tested positive for HIV and received notice of the positive test and is charged again, then a category B felony and a 2 year minimum and not more than 10 year maximum sentence and/or fine not more than $10,000

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