Crimes Against The Person NRS 200

Violent crimes can include anything from threatening a person with violence to actual use of physical force against a person.  For the most part, Nevada law does not take kindly to violent crimes and treats many as felonies.  In some circumstances for example, assault is treated as a misdemeanor so long as no weapon was used; but if a weapon was used to place another person in reasonable apprehension of physical harm, then one will be facing felony charges. 

Some violent crimes against a person are automatically felony crimes, such as robbery, while other crimes such as battery have aggravating factors that will elevate it from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Furthermore, depending on the victim one may also be facing increased penalties.  If the victim is 60 years or older, is vulnerable or is a child, one may be looking at longer jail/prison time and felony charges.  The location of the crime can also be an aggravating factor, such as the crime being committed on school grounds.  

Violent Crimes Include a Range of Charges

Crimes against the person range from the simple assault charge to one of the most heinous crimes of all, homicide. 

Even with such severe consequences, one facing charges of a violent crime against a person is still entitled to their Constitutional Rights and that the State must prove each crime by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

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